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    Interton Kardioid Technology — The new dimension of quality sound
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Excellent speech intelligibility, natural sounding.World-class on the market.

Column loudpseaker

Column loudspeaker

Sound sources placed close above each other to provide excellent quality even in echoic spaces.

Planar speaker

Planar speaker

Using Interton's patented passive acoustic cardioid technology, we build column speakers. From these column speakers we build planar speakers to narrow down the horizontal coverage as well. Using the cardioid technology both the vertical and horizontal coverage are more beneficial then the conventional planar speakers.

Controlled subwoofers

Controlled subwoofers

Interton's directivity controlled subwoofers are great expansions for high directivity column and planar speakers. Using directivity controlled subwoofers are crucial in reverberant environments or at open spaces to reduce noise pollution. Bearing these in mind we developed our cardioid and Interton's patent protected 2nd order cardioid subwoofers.


Interton Cardioid and Hypercardioid Technology

Interton Cardioid Technology provides 2 or three times better directivity at low frequencies comparing to conventional coloumn speakers, thusitmakes IVS speaker an ideal choice for highly reverberant spaces. This technology makes also possible to decrease the lenght of IVS speakers by half or even by two third of a conventoinal coloumn speaker, while providing the same or even better low frequency pattern control.

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50 years of R+D

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  • Excellent acoustic
  • Clean speech intelligibility
  • Patented technology

Experienced professionals

The experience and determination of Interton Group's professionals are a guarantee to an outstanding quality.

Product patents

50 years of experience in research and development, numerous products with registered patent.

Free consultation

All of our partners are eligible to a free consultation, where we provide guidence to the products and possibilities.

Our services are offered personalised reckon with the nature of the building.


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